wacci Streaming Live at NIPPON BUDOKAN

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Tuesday, October 27, 2020, The first live performance at the NIPPON BUDOKAN will be delivered live without spectators.

A 360 stage was set up in the center of the Budokan, and it was shown with directing and camera work original to non-audience.

Of the 15 songs, which lasted about 100 minutes, the first half of the 30 minutes was delivered live for free, which was the first performance in the history of Budokan, and it was a live that was enjoyed by a wide range of all fans.

This time, "Saijokyu," "No Regret," and "Bokurano Hibi" are specially excerpted from the performance and released.

▼ "Saijokyu" Music Video

▼ "No Regret" Music Video

▼ "Bokurano Hibi" Music Video short ver.


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"wacci on the crying face". In the "living" of all listeners
wacci is a band formed to create pops that can be gently entered.
We will deliver songs that make you laugh a little after crying and make you laugh more after laughing.

Yohei Hashiguchi
Gt. Keiji Muranaka
Key. Hajime Inaba
Ba. Yuki Ono
Dr. Yusuke Yokoyama

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