TWIN FLAMES - Divine Masculines Journey To Union ???? Day 29 - Senses Create Power

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TWIN FLAMES - Divine Masculines Journey To Union ???? Day 29 - Senses Create Power

???? Divine Masculines Go Within To Heal Core Wounds
???? The Divine Masculine Hurts Too
???? Divine Masculine Learns Who They Are In The Quiet Times
???? In Separation the divine masculine learns how to be in union by learning their lessons
???? All Paths Lead Home

This series is designed for twin flames to help you to understand what the divine masculine feels and experiences during recognition of the connection and the separation and how this leads you into union together as one.

Separation helps the divine masculine to understand not only that you are the one but that you are what they have always been searching for so that they can overcome their core wounds and fears of not being good enough or worthy of divine love.

During this time their divine feminine, you, becomes stronger and a healer to raise the vibration of the planet and to heal humanity with love and connection to the divine.

The divine masculine is the divine feminines greatest teacher helping him/her to heal core wounds, overcome fears and doubts and to heal the heart  so that both twins feel at peace and one with the journey in a true state of unconditional love.

This is your opportunity to thrive, to shine and to be you, to learn that you can handle anything and that the power is always within you to see past the 3d illusion of pain.

This series will help you to evolve, transform and grow and will lead you to your most amazing life possible understanding what the divine masculine experiences allowing the divine feminine to have compassion and understanding for their beloved ????

It will help you both to work with the power of the angels to inspire you and enhance your journey

I intend for this series to bring you peace, healing, love, abundance and power that will help you to understand your twins journey and lead you quicker to union with your twin flame

This will also help to heal from core wounds, past life triggers and belief systems created through society.

Thank You for watching. You are loved beyond measure ????

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