Sephiroth Flares Challenge! Super Smash Bros Ultimate

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The Sephiroth Flares Challenge In Super Smash Bros Ultimate. I got to defeat my opponents in online quickplay and or arena playing as Sephiroth in Super Smash Bros Ultimate with every level of flare, which is flare, mega flare and giga flare. This challenge was fun to do, but a lot of opponents SD during online quickplay making it harder since I have to take 3 stocks with each level of flare.

I started to like Sephiroth's gameplay while doing this challenge. He's a very good character to play with and also fun. I love how he has 3 level of flares which you can decide which one to throw out and I think the animation of the flares looks AMAZING, especially gigaflare.

This Super Smash Bros challenge was super interesting to do. I do have to admit, my GPS from Quickplay dropped a lot because of the challenge, but It was worth it at the end.

I want to say that I'm extremely grateful for the community that I have and that I love my community!

I hope you guys enjoy it!

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