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Andrew and Sound 101 are back with an episode all about how to get the best streaming audio with 3 OBS audio tips. More and more people are using OBS everyday because it is a powerful free program that is essential for most streaming platforms. But getting good audio on streams is always a tricky topic because there are so many variables between setups.

These OBS tips for audio should get your stream sounding great using the least amount of gear and energy. With just a and a webcam you can have a pro-level stream with clear audio online. Bad streaming audio often makes streams feel low quality, so you can avoid that pitfall with these 3 easy audio tips for streaming.

We cover using a limiter on OBS, how to cleanup your interface, and more. Audio limiters can be tricky but the controls on the OBS plugins are pretty intuitive. Using OBS audio filters is easier than you might think. Pro streaming audio is only 3 tips away!

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Deity Microphones produces weekly digital web content to help filmmakers and sound mixers grow in their education. Deity Microphones shares this free web series in hopes that the next generation of filmmakers grows in their video production quality and changes the world.

Deity Microphones produces free educational web content to help filmmakers, vloggers, sound mixers and sound designers grow as creatives and take their production quality (be it independent, TV, or studio) to the next level. Deity Microphones believes that budget should never be a constraint to creativity.
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