NewzRoom18 (Week 3 Super Bowl!)

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Thank you to everyone who participated!

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Special shoutout to The Spins!, Kiley from Baking To The Max In Westerly, Ian, and all of the adorable doggos from the puppy bowl!

Super Bowl Cupcakes:
Cupcakes of your choice (filled with chocolate if you want!)
White vanilla frosting dyed green (in a large zip lock bag to create grass effect)
Melted milk chocolate (in a small zip lock bag to create the shape of the footballs)
Using wax paper and a baking sheet pipe on the shape of a football using the zip lock bag. Cut a very small tip so it is easy to draw with. Place these in the freezer for 1-2 hours
Melted white chocolate (in a small zip lock bag to create the lines of the footballs)
After the footballs have chilled and hardened, pipe on one line horizontally and 3 lines vertically. Place it back in the freezer to set.
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