(NEW UPDATE) Agent Spy Car, Interrogator SUV, Pit Maneuvers, and More! -ROBLOX Jailbreak New Update

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The Jailbreak May Update is OUT!!!
Our Mid-Season May Update includes:

- Limited "Agent" Spy Car!
Cost's $600K, Spawns in Crate, Limited for 7 Days.
Fits 2 People and Hit "G" to Shoot Missiles.

- New "Interrogator" Police SUV!
Cost's $30K, Spawns at Every Police Base.
Based on Real Life Cop Car.

- New "Pit Maneuver" Feature!
As a Cop, Bump into Any Criminal Driving to Pop their Tires.
It Works with Any CAR When your a Cop (DOESN'T Work with Bikes, Boats or Aircrafts)

- New "Bonded Rim" Soccer-Ball Prize!
The Rim is Earned by Pushing the Ball up to Museum Goalie.

- Limited 5B Flag Spoiler!

- Criminals have to Hi-Jack Every Cop Vehicle that Spawns at Police Bases.

- Sky was Turned back to Blue!

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