My Daughter Betty Bursts Into Song and Dance in Celebration of Windows On Grandma's House - I CRIED

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There's perfected praise in children. Betty is a special child to me and to the world. She's an angel, beautiful both outside and inside. I have had to overcome my frustration at not having her at my house. I so madly wanted her to be part of my family as my adoptive daughter. Everything was well arranged before her grandma changed her mind and remained adamant in her position. Her room and bed were empty for over two years until God gave me a girl child eleven months ago. I still consider her my daughter and she has a daddy in me. Thank you Danielle Godfrey for blessing her grandma's house with cemented floors and now nice windows. The house is well lit now, well ventilated, and beautiful. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS!
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