Mother Hummingbird's Babies Hatch in a Nest Built on Christmas Lights

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Our mother Allen's hummingbird has hatched two more eggs! Emerald has built her nest on a string of Christmas lights in front of a home in Thousand Oaks, California. This video follows the baby hummingbird's hatch and their first feeding. Watch her feed and take care of them 24/7 on the live cam.

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???? Frequently Asked Questions

❓What day did the first and the second egg hatch?
​???????? The first egg hatched on April 2nd at 6:53pm and the second on April 3rd at 6:16am! Did you miss it?

❓What camera are you using for this live stream?
Here is the link to our camera: ​

❓What species of hummingbird is this?
This is an Allen's Hummingbird which normally breeds on the West coast of the United States and Mexico, although the bird has been spotted in other areas of the southern United States.

❓Does this mother hummingbird have a name?
Yes! Our community named this mother hummingbird "Emerald."

❓What day was the first and the second egg laid?
The first egg was laid on March 15 and the second on March 17.

❓How long do hummingbirds incubate their eggs?
Hummingbirds incubate the eggs for 15 to 18 days.

❓How many clutches do hummingbirds have?
Hummingbirds in Southern California usually have two to three clutches each season.
This is Emerald's second clutch. Her first clutch was successful. Ruby and Sapphire fledged successfully on March 4 and 5.

Did you miss Emerald's first clutch? Here are the videos:
⏯ Hatching of Ruby and Sapphire: ​
⏯ Ruby and Sapphire from Hatchlings to Fledging the Nest: ​

❓When do baby hummingbirds open their eyes?
It usually takes more than a week for a baby’s eyes to open. On average, a newborn’s eyes are open 9 days after he has hatched.

❓How long will it take the baby hummingbirds to leave the nest?
The juvenile hummingbirds will fledge between 18 to 28 days after they hatched.

❓What is the nest made from?
The nest is made from grasses and small twigs filled in with soft and fluffy fiber that the mother hummingbird finds on fuzzy plants like seed pods, dandelion down, cottonwood and the like. The nest is held together with spider silk and is soft and spongy to accommodate the rapidly increasing size of the baby birds. To camouflage the nest she put paint chips on the outside to try to blend in with the house.

❓How can I help with the nest building?
You can supply soft material for the mother hummingbird to use in her nest. You can buy nesting material for your hummingbird here: ​​

❓Will the nest be used again?
This same location has been used for a few years. Hummingbirds often have two or three clutches per year, so when these babies fly away we might not be finished for the season!

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