Mosaic Fountain (I am Good) Reaction Video (Encouraged to Encourage Series)

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Hey Everyone,

HAPPY SUNDAY!!!! I am so blessed to share another video with ya'll that I hope is nothing short of encouraging and motivating to each and every single person watching this. In this video, I'll be reacting to Mosaic's Fountain (I am Good) Home version music video. I had heard the song prior to the making of this video but trust me my reaction is as if I'm seeing it for the very 1st time. The lyrics just speak to my heart, and this particular song has a way of bringing me to tears its message that God loves us all is beyond beautiful. Hope to see ya'll next week Sunday for another video God willing. Until then, I hope this video is uplifting to all who watch! I love ya'll God Bless-Mary J.

Music in this Video: Mosaic MSC-Fountain (Home Version) I DO NOT OWN THE COPYRIGHTS TO THIS SONG.
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