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Starring : Gurdas Maan, Jividha Astha, Pramod Moutho, Ehsan Khan, Gufi Paintal, Tej Sapru, Manav Vij, Madhumalti, Anita Kanwal, Amita Nangia, Dolly Bindra, Pooja Kanwal, Chandan Anand, Shashi Kiran, Narinder Singh Bedi, Vivek Shauq etc.

This Punjabi Movie of Gurdas Maan pans not just through the various shades of an emotional drama , has all the spicy sprinklings of Love,Hate,Comedy,Action and Tragedy. Mini Punjab - An emotional comedy based on Mumbai's 'Mini Punjab' community. 'Mini Punjab' spreads across the message of universal brotherhood and teaches how to be positive, lively, caring, and compassionate in life as stressful as of today. Sardar Surjan Singh (Pramod Muthu) living in a Punjabi Community of Mumbai "Mini Punjab", where people are most of the time fighting on some or the other issues, Prem (Gurdas Mann) from punjab, for a couple of weeks stays with Surjan Singh, his love and care teaches and solves all the problems of Mumbai's Mini Punjab. Check out the movie to know will the people of mini Punjab change their attitude completely after Prem leaves for or will their fights and issues start One of the best Punjabi Movies.

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