Miguel Uses Miyagi's Drum Technique to Fight Kyler - Cobra Kai Season 3

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In the epic season finale to Cobra Kai Season 3, we all got another massive fight scene at the LaRusso’s house between Cobra Kai, Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang Karate.
During the fight, there were some beautiful moments and revelations for characters. One of the things I noticed, was Miguel’s fight with Skyler. In the fight, of course Miguel would have a hard time since he was literally paralyzed just a month at most before this. He can barely fight, while he may know how to, his body is still catching up and he’s still out of shape.

As he is getting his kidneys punched in by Kyler, he watches his friends around him, Hawk and Dmitri teaming up, and he hears Johnny’s words, remembering how he fought back to walk again, Johnny tells him he can do this, much like Mick’s words to Rocky against Tommy Gun. Johnny’s words woke him up and he fought back. As he turned around to get punched in the face, he performed one strike just like Daniel did against Chozen, the drum technique. This was super briefly taught to him by sam, and it’s a tiny detail that could be missed when you watch, but it’s a cool nod to the fans and mainly foreshadowing that he’s using Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang Karate in hybrid. As he gets the strike from Kyler, he executes the drum technique and goes on to beat him, knocking him out. With the team up of Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso, I think the techniques used will be impenetrable and amazing, which leads me to worry, or rather, anticipate, what Kreese and Silver have in store for the Valley come season 4.

I wonder just how effecting miaygi do and eagle fang karate will be, but most of all, if Daniel and Johnny can really work together without fighting like they always do. Ali made a good point, that they see a lot of themselves in each other, and that they’re more like each other than they think. I hope we can see some more of Ali later on, but either way, everything was so beautifully tied together from Karate Kid to Cobra Kai season 3. I couldn’t be happier.
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