Michigan Students Create Singing Christmas Tree

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A high school choir from Michigan is performing this holiday season while standing in what's billed as the world's biggest singing Christmas tree.
"The show - entitled 'America's Tallest Singing Christmas Tree' - involves "a bunch of choir students, standing in a tree singing Christmas music," according to Brynne Wilcox, a Mona Shores High School choir member.
The structure is 67 feet ( Meters) tall, with students standing inside and appearing from the waist up around the large tree-shaped structure.
Mona Shores High School Choir Director Shawn Lawton explains "The height of the tree is 67 feet ( meters). Most people can't visualize that, so I like to say it's about as tall as five-story structure."
The combination of the students' choir uniforms and lights creates the illusion of a festive, well-lit Chirstmas tree.
"Everybody of course wants to be at the top of the tree," Lawton commented. "It's the most fun. You're the highest. It's the biggest, the greatest of everything. So, over the years, I've evolved it to: As you are older, you get to go higher up in the tree. At the top of the tree are all seniors."
Parents of the choir members are busy during the performance, climbing inside the tree to help the singers.
"The 'tree monkeys' is what we call them, and they stand behind us in the tree and so if you start to feel sick, you can sit down and turn around and they're standing behind you to help you," Wilcox said.
Lawton explained why he believes this human Christmas tree is the biggest of its kind.
"I know ours has been named the tallest in America. There's very few people that build these structures. They're built out in Denton, Texas, so we can talk to them and say: 'Has anyone built one bigger yet?' And no one has."

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