Madness Opus by Anemia [SUPER MARIO MAKER 2]

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5 Precision Crew levels, including Nightmare House, a level people have been waiting over a year for me to beat. Here it is, finally.

First level: "At the Bottom"
Not much to say about this one, but it was fun.

Jake's Janky Jungle
I died once at the buffer jump. I thought I would fall after the key door, because I wasn't paying much attention, and when I looked back at the game I saw there was no ground and I jumped. Turns out I wasn't that close to walking off the edge though.

Nightmare House
I know this was made only a month ago, and people have been waiting a year to see a Nightmare House clear from me, so the timeline doesn't match up. But this level is called Nightmare House so it counts. The level was fine, but I'm not sure why people waited a year to see this.

The Ultimatum
I had like 3 dumb deaths at the end of the water section, so I took my time when I got there on this attempt. Overall the level didn't take many attempts, it took just long enough for me to miss first clear though, but that's fine.

Madness Opus
When Anemia uploaded this he said it was his new hardest level, but I was streaming at the time so I didn't get to try it until several hours later. Once I became able to play it, obviously the first thing I did was remake the level in editor so I could practice it. I'm not sure what I was expecting from it, but I thought the difficulty difference between this and Sad Satan would be much bigger. It was still harder than it, but not by that much. I guess that probably shows how much it was nerfed. I had some really good attempts early on in the grind, I was getting to the second on/off switch very often, so I thought I would be done soon, but then there was a moment where I just couldn't get the jump between the piranhas right before the first door. I was stuck there for a while, even though that's not even the hardest jump. Eventually I rebuilt my consistency on it, and started getting good runs again. I beat the level shortly after that with 4 prenais, but no nais fortunately.

My maker ID: 84L-SXT-PTF.


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