LEGO City Update - High-Speed Passenger Train Buffet Car MOC 60051 ????????

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I wanted to add a buffet car to my High-Speed Passenger Train (set 60051) so I thought I'd share the process with all of you in case you wanted to do something similar. The list of bricks required is below!

FAST FOOD CORNER is now on the LEGO Ideas website.
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3x White 3005, 1x Trans 3005, 2x White 3001, 3x White 87087, 1x White 11211, 1x Light Grey 3040pb010, 4x White 6091, 1x Black 3024, 4x White 3023, 2x Red 3023, 1x Black 3023, 2x Red 15573, 2x Dark Grey 3022, 1x Red 6636, 1x White 87079, 4x White 3666, 1x Light Grey 98138, 2x White 18980, 1x Dark Grey 10201, 3x White 4864, 1x Black 49668, 1x Trans 3899, and some colourful 1x1 tiles for stock.
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