I love you 3000: आइए 'Oxygen Girl' जैसे Covid Super Heros से मिलकर कहें | UKB Ep.19

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Umeed Ki Baat. Our daily show. For, beside all the negativity around, there is still hope. Still some positivity around.

In this 19th episode of UKB, Saurabh Dwivedi talks about various positive stories during the hard time we are facing due to Covid pandemic. First story is from Baramati, where a man suffering from Mucormycosis, was rescued by his friend. Second story is from Dholpur, Rajasthan. Where people are feeding street animals and monkeys outside of temples. Third story is from Indore, MP. Where youths are helping Covid-19 patients. Fourth story is from Udhampur, J&K where a young man and his fried is selling fresh fruits and vegetables to villages. Fifth story is from Shahjahanpur, UP where a girl is named as ‘Oxygen Girl’ due to her efforts towards providing Oxygen to needy patients. Sixth story is from Amritsar, Punjab, where Punjab police is providing food to Covid-19 patients and their family. Seventh story is from Dharavi, Mumbai where a lady, in-spite being Covid patient is handling her NGO works from hospital. Last story is from Ranchi, Jharkhand where a puppet player is delivering his message in very interesting manner.

Finally, a useful message from Zeeshan Ahmad, Helping Hands Foundation in our ‘Ummed Ka Sandesh’ section.
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