How To Edit Your Own Designs Into Product Mockups - Greeting Cards, Art Prints, Calendars

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Have you ever shopped for online stock photos to use as product mockup photos, but always thought that the photos looked too stiff and unnatural? I've been spending the last few years trying to DIY my own product mockups for my art prints, greeting cards, tees, etc, and I'm here to share my tips and tricks with you!

This is 2 part video tutorial that will teach you:
1 (this video): How to edit your own greeting card design into a lifestyle product mockup photo. This tutorial can be applied to other flat designs like art prints, journal covers, calendars and more!
2 (next video in the series): How to take your own product mockup photo AND edit them all on your mobile phone.

The greeting card template I showed in this video can be found here:
It will allow you to put 2 designs seamlessly in on one sheet and print out 2 cards perfectly on a letter sized card stock.

We made a tutorial on how to create your own greeting card template:

Materials we use to make our own greeting cards:
CARD STOCK (to purchase in smaller quantity, as little as 10 sheets):
- My favorites are the Classic White
and Felt in 110lb weight:
and Linen:
*Make sure your printer can handle the paper weight.
- In larger quantity therefore less expensive: Mohawk Pure White Linen -

- Premium Euro Flap A2 Sized that you can buy individually:
- If you can commit to 50 or more envelopes, this is a more economical option, especially when you can combine shipping with card stock purchase:
- Most economical option if you just want kraft envelopes:

- Epson V600 Scanner:
- Epson SureColor P800: You can check out our in depth printer review here:
- High precision Rotatrim paper trimmer/cutter:
- Clear Bag A2 Sized: (the bags have to be slightly larger than the card to fit in both the card and envelope)
- Clear Bag 5x7'' Sized: (the bags have to be slightly larger than the card to fit in both the card and envelope)
- Electric Creasing Machine:
- Manual Scoring Board (what we were using before):
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