????HOT Mod Menu for GTA 5 1.50 | GTA 5 HACKS DOWNLOAD 2020

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Mod Menu for GTA 5 | GTA 5 HACKS DOWNLOAD 2020
Hi! In this video I'm gonna be showing you quick tutorial of how to download mod menu for gta 5 and how to use it.

????Download Link: @rubyo/gtaV_mod_menu

⭕7zip: @rubyo/7zip

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????‍♂️About GTA 5 Mod Menu:

RCTRL+F5 Always God Mode On/Off
G+6 / LS+X Enable/Disable Airbreak
N Next Song
K Left Indicator Controller RS L
L Right indicator Controller RS R
Teleport to: F10
Num 0 Save House Michael
Num 1 Save House Franklin
Num 2 Save House Franklin 2
Num 3 Save House Trevor
Num 4 Lake Vinewood
Num 5 Vinewood Open-Air Theatre
Num 6 Sisyphus Open-Air Theatre
Num 7 Vinewood Sign
Num 8 Vinewood Radio Tower
Num 9 Observatory

In-game Menu:
F3 Display Menu Controller: RB +X button
Backspace Cancel Menu Controller: RB +X button
Num 4 Scroll Menu Down Controller: Dpad Left
Num 6 Scroll Menu Up Controller: Dpad Right
Num 2 Scroll Menu Options Down Controller: Dpad Down
Num 8 Scroll Menu Options Up         Controller: Dpad Up
Num 5 Enter Option Controller: A button
Num 0 Back to Main Menu Controller: B button
F4 Hide/Unhide Menu
Num 9 Go to Second Column
Num 7 Go to First Column

Car changes:
RCtrl+Num 0 Lock Car doors
RCtrl+Num 1 Fix Car
RCtrl+Num 2 Flip Car
RCtrl+Num 3 Clean Car
RCtrl+Num 4 Change Car Color Slot 1
RCtrl+Num 5 Change Car Color Slot 2
RCtrl+Num 6 Change Car Color Slot 3
RCtrl+Num 7 Change Car Color Slot 4
RCtrl+Num 8 Change Car Color Slot 5
RCtrl+Num 9 Change Car Color Slot 6

Num 4 / Dpad Left Left
Num 6 / Dpad Right Right
Num 2 / Dpad Down Back
Num 8 / Dpad Up Front
Num 5 / A button Center

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