Here's Why the Robot Inventor May Be the Best LEGO MINDSTORMS Ever - Unboxing and Review

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The long-awaited fourth generation of LEGO MINDSTORMS is finally here! The LEGO Robot Inventor (51515) is the successor to the beloved EV3 robotics platform. It features an all-new set of motors, sensors, and the redesigned Intelligent Hub, as well as a new app-based programming experience that rolls building instructions and coding lessons all into one. The Robot Inventor is the first LEGO MINDSTORMS ever to be programmed with Scratch or Python out of the box.

The Robot Inventor is certainly polarizing, as it makes steps forward and steps backward relative to the EV3, and some may see it as merely a LEGO Spike Prime reboot. In today's unboxing and review, I offer my thoughts and explain why I think the Robot Inventor may just well be the best MINDSTORMS robotics set to date!

0:00 - Introduction
1:46 - Unboxing
2:38 - New Hardware
10:01 - Speed Building "Blast"
13:23 - "Blast" Robot Walkthrough
16:22 - "Gelo" Robot Walkthrough
18:11 - Software and App Experience
20:11 - Third-Party Hardware (DUALSCHOCK Controller)
20:55 - Is Robot Inventor Just a Spike Prime Rebrand?
21:31 - Analogy Time
23:23 - What Robot Inventor Does Poorly
26:00 - Knitpicks
26:27 - What Robot Inventor Does Well
28:26 - Verdict

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