Fox and Christmas | Music animation

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This is a trailer for the musical minecraft animation Fox and Christmas, all parts of which have already been released and you can watch them on our Mineditation channel.

In this story, the poor fox is caught in a violent blizzard. Even hiding behind large snowdrifts, she cannot hide from the severe frost. In order not to freeze completely, she decides to leave the shelter and start moving. But it still seems that the fox is doomed.

But the story takes place at Christmas. Therefore, a Christmas miracle could not fail to happen.

The fox is miraculously saved and, for the first time in her life, the beauty of the Christmas holidays is revealed to her. And most importantly, she finds a friend and is surrounded by kindness and care.

In addition to a good story and cute animation, wonderful Christmas music is waiting for you.

Watch the full musical version of Fox and Christmas animation:

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