Easy Christmas prep 2020, Flylady missions 1 to 5. Less stress, more hygge!

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Join me for some easy Christmas prep 2020 - here are the first Flylady missions, 1 to 5! Less stress, more Danish hygge! Get ready to have your best Christmas ever! I'll be checking in with you each week to let you know how we are preparing here in Copenhagen, what we are cooking, making and decorating. === I'm always here to cheer you on with my pom poms! You can support me by subscribing and liking this video - thank you! ???????????? The Flylady Holiday Control Journal is here You can find my blog at and my Flylady Refresher Course videos are here Want more? I'm on Instagram daily

00:00 Are you ready to plan for Christmas?
01:55 Flylady Mission 1 Cruising Through the Holidays
02:49 Flylady Mission 2 Cruising Through the Holidays
04:00 Flylady Mission 3 Cruising Through the Holidays
04:50 Flylady Mission 4 Cruising Through the Holidays
05:45 Flylady Mission 5 Cruising Through the Holidays
07:00 Our Danish calendar countdown hygge candles

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