Dua Lipa - Don't Start Now (Tiffany Alvord Cover)

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Official Tiffany Alvord cover of "Don't Start Now" by Dua Lipa
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Sooooooo sorry this took so long to get out. I have been working on recording and learning my software so I can record my own covers! With how much the YouTube world and streaming has changed, I want to KEEP providing content for yall! However, it isn't sustainable to keep paying people to produce my covers as I don't make it back per song, so alas the solution!! Time to learn a new talent ;) Ain't no money gonna slow me down. lol But also witht hat if you'd like yo help support more videos and the process of me learning you can do that by becoming a Patron! - Patreon: (Shout out to all my Patrons for the amazing support!)

Anyways, So i had my friend mix and master as I still don't have quite the ear for getting it "perfect"/standard, but I'll get there! Lol, fun fact, I had an audition and filmed it at my friend Marissa's house. Anyways I needed to film this and randomly just stayed and filmed it there! It was the most chill day and I know the video is simple but I'm kinda loving simplicity lately. It takes the pressure off needing to force or prove or "be" something! Anyways I hope you enjoy!

If you read the info section, comment, "I SHOW UP!" It'll confuse anyone who doesn't read this! hehe.

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