Burning Abyss Guide: How To Play Burning Abyss!! (Includes Duels and Deck List)

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Tutorial on playing Pure Burning Abyss! This strategy guide offers tips and ideas for how the deck should be played. With the new April Banlist, I personally think that BA has the potential to be the best deck, and Beatrice is the best single card that the game has seen in a long time. It only makes sense to use them. Beatrice is Bea after all ;)

At the end, I also include some duels/gameplay to serve as examples on how to play BA, so you can see it in action. I am not using Phantom Knights or PK Fire, but rather pure, speedroid BA. Notice the patterns and trends in those videos. The first game is against Mermail Atlantean, the second is Blackwings, then the 3rd game is the mirror match: Burning Abyss vs Burning Abyss

As you probably noticed in the duels, I actually play a small Kaiju engine in my Burning Abyss deck. The reason for that is BA has a lot of trouble getting over big monsters such as Kozmo Dark Destroyer, Kozmoll Dark Lady, Forerunner, opposing Beatrices, etc, and the Kaiju Engine gives a searchable way to out those monsters. Beatrice can just send Interrupted Kaiju Slumber during my opponent's turn then I can search a Kaiju on my turn, and take advantage from there. If you would like to see my exact build, here's the link:

Also I don't think the deck will change drastically after the latest set, Shining Victories (SHVI), so these will be great both now and in the future!

As always, feel free to add me on DN or DB (TopTierYugioh); I'd love to test with you guys. I'm always down to play yugioh xD Check out the Channel's tumblr as well:

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