Bra the Ele | Shadowlands | Elemental shaman PVP Video

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Shadowlands Patch Patch Elemental shaman PVP
Recorded during the first 1-3 months of Shadowlands
Covenant: Mostly Venthyr swapped to Maldraxxus for Arena push
Legendary: Chains of Devastation :

What to expect:
-Elemental shaman PVP 1vX
-Outgear opponents thru effortful gearing early expansion
-Heavily edited

Brief Disclaimer: Your eyes and ears are important please adjust the sound appropriately within the first 20 seconds. If you have a visual light sensitivity please consider not watching.

The short:
To me, Pvp videos are a combination of skill expression and art, thru the combination of visuals and music. I hope you enjoy my presentation of Elemental shaman in Shadowlands and not take the video too seriously, the priority is on entertainment and bombastic romantification of Pvp in WoW.

The Long:
I planned on trying shadowlands and making a short series of videos if I enjoyed it, but I found myself really engaged with the gearing system and learning my character. As my character evolved so did my playstyle and urge to make a bit more effortful video which leads me here. I plan on making a TBC video as my next major movie but this was some nice practice in most regards.

Special thanks to all my friends on Thrall, "Hello There"
Also thanks to my Arena partners Luife and Chip.
From Classic wow to Gladiators in retail the vanilla version of World of warcraft proves to create meaningful bonds between
players and friends.

Special thanks again to Kambrio for his constant work on my Machinima

Music Used:
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