BIG PS5 Events Announced And A Weird Super Mario 3D All-Stars Theory Spreads Online | News Wave

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Sony has finally announced the big PS5 event we have all been waiting for that should outline price, release date and the launch line up. There's also a mystery event at PAX that currently has a placeholder title for Sony. Super Mario 3D All-Stars is out this week and after hearing a certain bit of music in the intro of the game a theory is spreading online that another game could be hidden in the collection.

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00:00 - Start

00:56 - Borderlands 3 Next Gen

2:12 - Xbox Series S Backwards Compatibility

3:58 - Smash Bros Patch Needs Involved Company Permissions

5:05 - PS5 Event Announced

9:05 - Control Ultimate Edition Upgrade Removed

11:34 - Mario 3D All-Stars First Look

14:15 - Nvidia Acquiring ARM

18:07 - Comment Of The Day

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