BEST DEVASTATOR BUILD! INSANE Anomaly Power Build! Millions of Damage! | Outriders!

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Today we take a look a one of the best and most overpowered builds for the Devastator class in Outriders. This is an anomaly power focused build built around using abilities and weapon mods to deal massive AOE damage. This build uses Earthquake, Golem, and Impale mixed with the tier 3 Moaning Winds mod to deal millions of damage every hit.
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Sneak Peak: 0:00 - 0:23
Intro: 0:24 - 1:05
Skills: 1:06 - 1:50
Class Tree: 1:51 - 3:07
Weapons: 3:08 - 5:04
Attributes/Tier Set: 5:05 - 5:33
Helmet: 5:34 - 5:55
Chest: 5:56 - 6:14
Legs: 6:15 - 6:40
Gloves: 6:41 - 7:14
Boots: 7:15 - 7:40
Playstyle: 7:41 - 9:18
Outro: 9:19 - 9:26
CT15 Gold Expedition Gameplay: 9:27 - 18:08
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