Apple's M1 Chip Benchmarks - How Fast Are Apple's New M1 Computers?

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In this video we benchmark the new M1 Chip computers from Apple that were released in Late 2020. These include the Late 2020 MacBook Air, Late 2020 MacBook Pro, and Late 2020 Mac mini. All of these have the new 8 Core M1 CPU that Apple created internally for their new computers.

If you are interested in benchmarks (GeekBench 5) for the Late 2020 M1 Chip by Apple then we will cover this in the video. You will be surprised just how fast the new M1 CPUs are when compared to older Apple computers that cost quite a bit more money. And these are just the start for the new M1 chips by Apple

In this video we will:

1. Show You GeekBench 5 score for Late 2020 MacBook Air
2. Show you GeekBench 5 score for Late 2020 MacBook Pro
3. Show you GeekBench 5 score for Late 2020 Mac mini
4. Show you how much faster the M1 chip is than previous models

So if you are interested in finding out how fast Apple's new M1 chip based computers are then please watch this video and support our channel. Thank you.
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