Apple Silicon Isn't What You Think It'll Be

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Apple is releasing new Apple Silicon Macs. What does this mean, what should you expect, and how is this going to benefit us as consumers? Will it? Snazzy Labs answers!

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It has been a couple months since WWDC and the unveiling of Apple’s upcoming in-house silicon Macs and Apple itself has stated that the first of these new Intel-less computers are right around the corner. If not really soon—jury’s still out on that one—certainly by end-of-year. And while you’ve likely seen a number of videos from your favorite YouTubers theorizing about what the future may hold, today I want to get to brass tacks and actually analyze why Apple wants to transition, the hardware they’ve engineered to make it happen, how software will play a vital role in all this, and why the transition might not be as picture perfect as they’ve led us all to believe.
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