Apple Music vs Spotify: Which is BEST in 2020?

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Apple Music vs Spotify 2020: Which is the best music streaming app?
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It’s been 5 years since Apple Music was released to compete with Spotify, and now they’re the top two most popular music streaming services, and in this video I'll compare them head-to-head to see which one is the best in 2020

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0:00 Apple Music vs Spotify
0:16 Pricing
1:09 Music Collection
1:43 Library Limit (UPDATE: Spotify has changed their 10,000 song library limit to unlimited)
2:18 Supported Devices
3:34 Lyrics
4:31 Exclusive Content
6:10 Sound Quality
8:26 Design
9:45 Offline Listening
11:10 Playlists & Radio Stations
13:09 Adding Artists
13:49 Search
14:29 Library Organization

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Both apps have the same 3 paid plans to choose from: $ for individuals, $ for a family plan up to 6, and $ for students. Both apps also offer 3 month free trials. However, there are some differences. Spotify’s student plan is better than Apple Music because Spotify Student comes with Hulu and Showtime. However, Apple Music offers a secret $99 annual plan for individuals which saves $20 a year. Spotify offers a free plan that has some limitations like shuffle only and it has ads, but it’s still a big advantage over Apple Music which doesn’t have a free plan but instead only offers free access to their Beats radio.

The total number of tracks that are available on each service is slowly becoming less of a differentiating factor, but Apple Music still has the advantage. Spotify currently offers over 50 million songs while Apple Music offers 60 million songs so they are very close. Another advantage for Apple Music is that it is available in 167 countries while Spotify is only available in 79 countries. So depending on where you live you may be limited to only one option.

Library limit is the amount of songs you can save to your library. Spotify currently has a library limit of 10,000 songs meaning you will get an error if you try to add more than that to your library. Apple Music has a library limit of 100,000 songs which is 10 times larger than Spotify’s library limit. This is probably not a big deal for most users, but if you choose Spotify and plan to use it for years, there could be a day when you reach 10,000 songs and hopefully by then Spotify will increase their limit but right now Apple Music clearly has the advantage for library limit.

Both apps are available on the most popular devices such as iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and they both have web players. But Spotify supports a wide variety of devices like Samsung Gear, Amazon Alexa, PlayStation, Smart TVs, Roku, etc. Apple Music works best with Apple products like the Apple TV, Apple Watch, CarPlay, and HomePod. Apple Music also has better Siri support with more specific voice commands. It makes a lot of sense to go with Apple Music if you own a lot of Apple products or have a huge iTunes library, but that’s not necessarily always the case. Spotify's Connect feature is a huge advantage over Apple Music. It lets you use your phone as a remote to play Spotify on any device that you’ve signed on to. Apple Music doesn’t have a feature like this. It only has AirPlay which isn’t as advanced as Spotify Connect.

One advantage of Apple Music is the option to view lyrics in real time which I love. You can also tap on any line of the lyrics and it starts playing that exact part of the song which is awesome. Spotify doesn’t have this kind of lyrics integration.

Apple Music used to have exclusive albums but not so much anymore. Spotify has exclusive audiobooks & podcasts like Joe Rogan’s podcast starting in 2021. So you may be able to use Spotify as your main music streaming app AND your main podcast app which makes it easier than using multiple different apps. Apple Music offers radio stations like Beats 1 radio and live broadcast like NPR & ESPN which is definitely an advantage over Spotify. Apple Music also has music videos.

Spotify sound quality options range from Low to Very High and even an option called Automatic which will base your streaming quality on your network connection. Apple Music streams in 256kbps AAC which is a slightly better format but is a lower bitrate compared to Spotify’s highest of 320kbps. Apple Music will also lower the quality over cellular if you don’t have high quality streaming enabled in the settings. Unless you are an audio expert with a strong ear, you probably won’t be able to hear a noticeable difference.

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