Apple IIc Plus - teardown, repair and walkthrough of the rarest and fastest Apple II!

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Returning to one of my favorite subjects - the Apple II - I decide to finally repair a broken Apple IIc Plus gifted to me a little more than a year ago. This machine was the final true hardware revision to the Apple II line, coming in 1988, and the last standalone machine in the line released. It was also the fastest, with a 4Mhz CPU (vs. 1Mhz in most other Apple II's, and in the IIGS).

But it was a problematic machine for Apple, with a concept that had been watered down to the point of, well, pointlessness. The market wanted it even less than it wanted the original IIc (which was my first computer - the one in the thumbnail is my original machine). Still, it is an interesting computer for its accelerated CPU, and its somewhat anachronistic nature at the time of its launch.

Please let me know if you happen to have a working Apple drive or eject motor for sale! There is contact info on my about page.

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