6th Station - Animal Crossing New Horizons Horror Movie

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My little horror project has been fun. I have to admit, the process of making this video was creepy.

I will continue making horror content into my graphic novel
and you can find my comics / art here:

I'd like to thank my wife big time for being so patient with me while making this.
It was incredibly hard to record in-game footage when my cute villagers would randomly walk around.
It was a lot of rejoins and lots of loading screens. After almost 2 weeks of editing, we were 90% finished. Suddenly, my entire
hard drive died. We lost the entire footage and 150+ hours of editing and my script.
The countless hours of sound edit manually removing in-game music gone.
We also lost a lot of our wedding I didn't want to move that day.
I felt completely down.
My wife continued to be positive and never gave up trying to get me back on my feet to re-do everything from square one. Even the countless loading screens. It was all thanks to her as to why this video even exists.
Whether this video is loved or hated, it'll just remind me of the good times I had with my wife. It will be a constant reminder, that my wife will always be there for me.

QR Code Blood credits go to:

(She also designed the clothing I'm wearing).

QR Code in the art room by:

Pentagram art by me.

My reddit:

Songs used:
1st song: Ólafur Arnalds, Alice Sara Ott - Reminiscence
School song: Silent Hill - Maternal
2nd song: Dark Alessa And Rose Are One (Silent Hill)
Basement song: Silent Hill 2 A World Of Madness
Ending song: Colin Stetson - Spindrift
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