3.14 Ultimatum Reap Inquisitor League Starter Build Guide

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Ultimatum Reap Inquisitor League Starter Build Guide. Links and Timestamps Below!
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Reap is a juicy new physical spell that hits luck a truck. We use Inquisitor and his Battlemage to scale the damage while going low life with The Ivory Tower to scale our defense. Looking forward to a good Ultimatum League :)

For the Path of Building I use the Community Fork. It is exactly the same as PoB but better, and very easy to install. Link here:

Path of Building:
(Blade Vortex used as a placeholder for the Reap gem)
Forum Guide:
Forum Build List:

00:00 Intro
01:22 Pros
03:11 Cons
04:40 Offense
05:50 Defense

Levelling Trees and Mechanics
07:12 Build Mechanics
10:27 Level 21
10:32 Level 34
10:37 Level 45
10:42 Level 63
10:47 Level 75
10:52 Level 95
10:57 Level 100

Gem Links
11:02 Reap
12:27 Auras
13:07 Auras #2
13:43 Utility
14:35 Movement
15:22 Cast when Damage Taken
15:57 Levelling Gems

16:59 Using the Forum Guide and Trade Links
19:13 Outro

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